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Nothing says Canadian Like A Tim’s!

I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very special HAPPY CANADA DAY!  What a great big birthday we are celebrating today.  So proud to be a Canadian ~ #truenorthstrongandfree


Today we are hosting our annual Street Party and even though my kiddies are all too old to decorate bikes and face paint, it’s still something that happens every year and we are all in!  Our neighborhood rocks – so many friendships formed over our 19 years on this street.  Hope you are all having the same fun, wherever this holiday weekend takes you.

Here is a little blurb I wrote for the July edition of Neigbours of Olde Oakville…which chats about the fun of Summer and those beloved Fireworks… cover

Summertime – and the Livin’ is Easy…

July, how do I love thee ~ I know we officially welcomed summer back in June, but to me, once it’s July, it’s on!

Let’s face it. Even though we have had some relatively nice weather, we still had school, possibly graduation functions, and the kiddie’s popsicle parties to deal with. All the organizing from the wonderful PTA ladies, who make sure we have nothing better to do than fill our days molding soap into beautiful flowers for their special teacher.

Don’t get me wrong, I was one of those ladies, but happy to say, my boys are now older, so the days of turning hangers into farm animals are long gone.

July is when we try to plan a getaway vacation or “staycation” in between work schedules, sorting out day camps for the little ones, and planning that scenic road trip to wine country.

July 1, of course, we will be celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday. Most definitely there will be plenty of social functions to attend all over our beloved Nation.

For me, I plan to be indulging in many healthy food groups and of course dodging kids, dogs, footballs and fireworks.    

Speaking of fireworks, I always try to keep my distance when the mostly men in our group start this show! After hours of socializing and libations, it’s just a tad unnerving to watch them drag out the wheel barrel filled with sand and start strategically plopping in questionable fireworks, bought from the back of a pickup!

Most days I typically have a boatload of product in my hair, so I’m for sure to go up like a Roman candle should I not be able to avoid the ashes as they float to the ground.

These seven little words just sometimes don’t sit well with me…

“Here, hold my beer, and watch this…” 😊

Happy Canada Day to all and may you find yourself knee deep in the celebrations, and just remember, some of your best memories are made wearing flip flops.



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