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Thank you Oakville ~ Some Bunny Wuvs you…

We’ve had some very sad times as of late, right here in our little town, which has hit not only the community, but my son’s former elementary school directly.  When you hear the news, gut-wrenching is not a strong enough term. It brings you to your knees. It is during these sad times when we reflect,…… Continue reading Thank you Oakville ~ Some Bunny Wuvs you…

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That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..

I want to meet him/her.  She saved my nephews life.  (I’ll just go with She… 😉 ) As most of you know, my nephew Steven was involved in a very serious car accident last week, and the news shook us to the core.  The call you never want to get.  You can read my initial blog posting…… Continue reading That wonderful, glorious Guardian Angel..

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~ The Voice of Reason ~

My eldest son moved out! My thought process was that I would be fine, because, well, he was already gone for 5 years during his University days. I got used to his absence.  Then, like most do, they come back.  Nasty beer fridge, two gecko tanks and a big sack of laundry. That’s the joke. When they leave for school, oh…… Continue reading ~ The Voice of Reason ~